Complementarianism vs. Egalitarianism

An active debate in the larger church is the issue of equality and diversity between men and women. This discussion centers on the roles and leadership in the home and church.

We have attempted here to express our attitude toward this discussion and not provide any particular defense.

It is reasonable to affirm that male and female have equal worth and capacities and simultaneously affirm there are physical and emotional differences.

The question is ‘do the differences between the sexes enable or limit leadership capacities in one or the other?’ At NEO House Church Network we recognize leadership, administrative and executive capacities are distributed among both men and women. Men and women teach publicly, lead worship and participate in all the ministries of the church. We expect all gifts are distributed across both genders. The attitude we believe the Bible commands is mutual respect, honor and submission one to the other. While our pastors are male we depend on female leadership, counsel and insight to guide all aspects of our church life. We have female house church and ministry leaders working side by side with males. Our own board of advisors is comprised of approximately 50/50 men and women.

In the home we expect husbands and wives will discover a rhythm of honor and love. Biblical manhood and womanhood calls for strength, service and mutuality. We are neither feminist nor patriarchal in our approach toward gender based roles and the function of authority. We are deeply concerned that woman have not been adequately affirmed and encouraged into leadership of the Church. Restrictive attitudes have robbed the Church of the robust wisdom and strength resident in godly womanhood.